Diamonds and Rifles

Here is a interesting story, from a redneck point of view. There is a jeweler in Georgia who is offering a free rifle with the purchase of a diamond.

ATLANTA (AP) – A jeweler in metro Atlanta is adding some bang to the bling.

Under a new promotion, customers who buy a diamond worth $2,499 or more from D. Geller and Son will get a voucher for a free hunting rifle.

Owner Mike Geller told WSB-TV ( ) that he got the idea after seeing a similar offer at a Missouri car dealership. He said many of his customers are hunters.

They are not actually handing out the guns at the store though.

Geller’s stores are not handing out rifles at the counter. Customers must go to a local gun dealer to redeem the voucher and follow all laws governing the purchase of firearms.

That’s no fun. I expect that Micheal Moore will show them actually handing them over the counter in a future “documentary“.