Own a Submarine Base

Since I am not going on vacation to exotic North Korea anytime soon, maybe I should spend some of my extra money on a new supervillain secret lair. I see here in Yahoo Real Estate that I can acquire a Norwegian submarine base for only $17.3 million.

The Royal Norwegian Navy has put up a secret, mountainside submarine base for sale… and judging by what it looks like, it would work both as a superhero hideout and as a supervillain lair.

The full above-ground space measures 13,500 square meters, including the opening at the side of the mountain. It’s the 25,000-square meter space within the mountain that makes it oh-so-interesting, though. While you’ll find mundane rooms like ordinary offices inside the property, it also has a dry dock for submarines and boats as well as a tunnel system, because no hideout or lair is ever complete without them.



I had better go ahead and buy it before someone snaps it up.

I can’t wait to move into my new secret lair.


We saw the movie Megamind at the Ohio Theater free summer movie yesterday. It was a hilarious spoof of Superman and super hero movies generally, told from the point of view of the super villain Megamind. I would have to say that so far, it is one of Dreamwork‘s best animated films.

Megamind is really, really bad.

And he’s on the highway to Hell.