The Cut of His Jib

Glenn Reynolds is starting to like the cut of Romney’s jib. After following his links, I’m starting to, too. Mitt Romney may not be as conservative as I would like, but at least he is willing to fight. I think that McCain’s unwillingness to attack Obama was the single biggest reason for his loss. He may have felt he was being a gentleman, but look at the trouble we’ve had for the last three years.Romney, on the other hand is hitting back and actually defending himself. He didn’t let Obama get away with his ad campaign against Bain Capital. He didn’t let David Axelrod get away with attacking his record in his home state

I especially love how Mitt Romney organized a campaign event right outside Solyndra‘s headquarters. If Romney keeps it up, he just might be moving into the White House next year.

Obama Keeps His Promises

I got an update from the Truth Team today. Among the other talking points, they wanted me to be sure to remind everyone that Obama is doing his best to protect the environment.

Five steps President Obama has taken to protect our environment
Earth Day was this past weekend, which was a good time to note some of steps the President has taken to help protect the environment. Show others the environmental progress we’ve made over the past few years by sharing this post:

Here is the post.

Here are five firsts in environmental policy that President Obama has put in place to protect our environment and promote clean energy:

  1. Created the first-ever standard to limit greenhouse gases from new fossil-fuel-fired power plants, America’s largest individual sources of carbon pollution. [Source: EPA]
  2. Established the first fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, which will prevent 270 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from polluting the air. [Source: The Hill]
  3. Put into place the first-ever national standard for mercury and toxic air pollution from power plants, which will prevent up to 130,000 cases of asthma symptoms every year. [Source: EPA]
  4. Approved the nation’s first-ever offshore wind farm, which will produce enough clean electricity to power over more than 200,000 homes. [Source: UPI]
  5. Approved dozens of renewable energy projects, including 16 utility-scale solar projects—the first ever on public lands. [Source: Department of Interior]

I’ll be sure and remember these firsts when rolling blackouts become a way of life because it is uneconomical to build any new power plants and when the next Solyndra type scandal hits the news.