Speaking of Polls…


I was just contacted by a polling organization. Instead of hanging up, as is my custom, I actually answered the questions. I told the man that I would definitely be voting for Barack Obama, that I am a strong Democrat, that I oppose the second amendment, and so on. In other words, every response I gave was the opposite of my real opinion. I honestly don’t know why I did that. maybe I just wanted to mess with the polls.

If even a few people have been doing this, it might turn out to be an interesting election night.



Obama Job Rating Below 40%

From the LA Times and Drudge.

President Obama‘s summer woes have dragged his approval rating to an all-time low, sinking below 40% for the first time in Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

New data posted Sunday shows that 39% of Americans approve of Obama’s job performance, while 54% disapprove. Both are the worst numbers of his presidency.

Obama’s approval rating has hovered in the 40% range for much of 2011, peaking at 53% in the weeks following the death of Osama bin Laden.

The only question I have is, who are these 39% of people who still think Obama is doing a good job. Are there really that many Obama zombies running around with their brains scooped out? Is this the fault of our broken public school system?

I suppose that Obama still has a lot of support from the African-American community because he is the first Black president. If I were Black, however, I would be reminding everyone who would listen of the fact that he is half-white.

I can’t wait for some more hope and change in 2012.