NORAD Santa Tracker

Once again NORAD is tracking Santa Claus as he makes his yearly trip around the world delivering presents. Right now he is in the Balkans. He’s already covered all of Asia and Australia.

Here is a story on NORAD’s Santa tracking facilities. There seem to be quite a few grinches (or trolls) in the comments section.

Update 5:45 The jolly elf is on his way to Poland.

Update 6:30 Santa has just left Paris..

Update 7:30 Santa is in Senegal right now. I think he is getting ready to make the jump across the Atlantic.

Update 7:45 He’s going through the Sahara. It looks like he hasn’t reached Spain or Britain yet, so we still have some time here in America.

Update 8:10 I was right. Santa is over Spain now.

Update 9:00 Santa is flying over Greenland now. I had better get to bed.

Tracking Santa Claus

If you want to see how far along Santa is on his route check out NORAD‘s official Santa tracking website. It looks like he has already lifted off and is busy delivering presents in China. I guess it is already December 25 over there. I hope everyone is on his nice list.

Update 2:00 PM EST Santa is in Uzbekistan.

Update 4:25 PM EST Santa just entered Moldova.

Update 5:10 PM EST He is in central Africa. The old guy sure moves fast.

Update 6:30 PM EST He just left Monaco. Delivered over a billion gifts.

Update 8:00 PM EST Santa is heading to Iceland. It looks like he’s finished with the Eastern Hemisphere.

Update 8:30 PM EST Santa is making his way across the Atlantic Ocean. I had better go to bed soon.

Update 9:00 PM EST Santa is in Argentina. We’re going to bed. Wouldn’t do to be up when Santa arrives.

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