Stealing Kerry’s Seat

There is a special election coming up next week in Massachusetts for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry when he became Secretary of State. The Democrats seem to be a bit worried since the polls are showing that the race is likely to be a close one.

BREAKING: With Markey (D) 45, Gomez (R) 44 in GOP poll, Tea Party launches $700,000 ad storm. FIGHT BACK >>

Friend — Karl Rove must think that he can steal John Kerry’s Senate seat at the last second:
With EIGHT DAYS until the election and a terrifying GOP poll showing the race neck-and-neck — Markey (D) 45, Gomez (R) 44 — a Rove-linked Tea Party Super PAC has made a game-changing $700,000 ad buy in Massachusetts.

We can’t let Rove do this to President Obama. If we lose seats like this one, Mitch McConnell will be one huge step closer to completely obstructing every sensible gun law, repealing Obamacare, and ruining Medicare.

It will take $150,000 in the next 24 hours to protect the President’s agenda and stop Karl Rove from stealing this seat and others like it. The President needs you — can you help?

I was not aware that the seat belonged to Kerry or the Democrats. I was under the impression that Senators were elected by the people of their state. In any event the Democrats have little to worry about. as far as anyone can tell, the two men have exactly the same position on issues.

Barney Frank not Running in 2012

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Here is a bit of good news. The most disgusting man in Congress, and I’m NOT saying that because he is gay, has decided not to run for reelection next year.

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, a gay pioneer in Congress and a Massachusetts liberal whose name as well and fingerprints are on last year’s sweeping bill regulating Wall Street, announced plans Monday to retire at the end of his current term, his 16th in Congress.

“There are other things I would like to do with my life,” the 71-year-old lawmaker said at a news conference. He added that his retirement plans were hastened by two years by reapportionment, which moved 325,000 new constituents into his district.

My guess is that he has looked at the polls and decided he might have a chance of actually losing, though why his constituents didn’t throw him out years ago, after the gay prostitution scandal, I’ll never know.

Maybe he thinks he has done enough damage.

As a longtime member of the House committee that oversaw the banking and housing industries, he often worked to expand affordable housing and end redlining, a practice in which banks are accused of imposing onerous lending conditions on residents of inner cities and other poor neighborhoods.

Onerous lending conditions like actually being able to pay back the loans. This kind of legislation is, of course, why the housing market has collapsed.

I wish Mr. Frank well in whatever work he chooses to do in the future, as long as it has nothing to do with public affairs. He’s done enough there.

Update: I found this article on Drudge. Barney Frank is the seventeenth Democrat from the House of Representatives to decide not to run for reelection, as opposed to only seven Republicans. I wonder what is going on. They must fear big losses next year.

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