Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. It also happens to be Vladimir Illich Lenin‘s birthday. Pick which ever one you want to observe. They are both celebrations of Communism.

Suicidal Idiots

Vladimir Lenin is said to have referred to the well-meaning Western Liberals who uncritically supported the Soviet Union as “useful idiots”. Somehow these people managed not to see the tyranny and misery of Communism. If Western liberals were often useful idiots then these Israeli liberals are suicidal idiots. This article, which I learned about through Pajamas Media, tells of left-wing activists who met in front of the building where David Ben-Gurion declared Israeli independence in 1948, in order to welcome the independence of a Palestinian state.

Actress Hannah Maron read a statement which included:

We have gathered here today, on April 21, 2011, to welcome the expected declaration of independence of the Palestinian state, Israel’s neighbor, with our borders of independence – which came into being at the end of the War of Independence in 1949 – the borders known as the ’67 borders,” a document drawn up by the left-wing activists says.

“The independence of both states strengthens each other. It is a moral and existential need and the basis for the possibility of good neighborly relations.”

The document adds, “We call on the citizens of Israel, the Knesset, the government, citizens of the world and their governments to recognize two states, in which the right to self-definition must be expressed by

both peoples as well as the general principles of democracy and equality.”

How can these people not be aware that both the PLO and Hamas wish to destroy Israel? Are they really so ignorant, or they indeed suicidal?

Back during the Holocaust, were there Jews who insisted that their fellow Jews cooperate with the Nazi in their own extermination in order to have peace?


Lenin’s Birthday

I guess it’s also Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. I suppose that it is just a coincidence that Earth Day, a day which celebrates eco-socialism, falls on this day, or is it?

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