Hottest Woman of All Time

Here is a bit of fluff from Yahoo News.

Jennifer Aniston beat every single famous lady (past and present) out there in a recent poll, which anointed her the Hottest Woman of All Time.

At the very top of the list of 100 ladies, the 42-year-old Horrible Bosses star bested Raquel Welch (#2), Marilyn Monroe (#3), Britney Spears (#4) and Madonna (#5). Angelina Jolie — love to Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt — landed at number 10.

I notice that the choices seem to be American celebrities of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. What about the billions of women all over the world who aren’t famous? Surely some of them are hotter that these choices? And what about all of the women who lived before the invention of photography. Unless they were rich enough to have their portraits painted, we have no idea who was hot. I understand that Helen of Troy was hot. Is she on this list? What about Cleopatra?

I know I’m being silly, but whenever I see a list of greatest inventions, or historical events, they always seem to be biased for the recent past. There was a world before the twentieth century.