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Lenin’s Birthday or Earth Day

April 22, 2013

Last week, NPR Counter-terrorism Correspondent Dina Temple Raston speculated that the Boston Marathon bombing was the work of domestic right-wing extremists because of the timing. Here is the story and video courtesy of viralfeed.

On NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ yesterday, Counterterrorism Correspondent Dina Temple Raston concludes that the Boston Marathon tragedy was more than likely “a domestic extremist attack” citing April as a “big month for anti-government, right-wing individuals.”

In her segment, she notes that Hitler’s birthday and the anniversaries of the Columbine attack, the Oklahoma City bombing and the assault on the Branch-Davidian compound in Waco, TX all fall in April.

I think I can honestly say that there is no one in the United States would could even remotely be considered conservative or right wing who celebrate Hitler’s birthday or the anniversaries of the shooting at Columbine or the Oklahoma City bombing. On the other hand, liberals celebrate the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the Russian Communist dictator and mass murderer every year on Earth Day.

Happy Earth day/Lenin’s Birthday.

Oh, and I have never seen a conservative with an Adolf Hitler or Heinrich Himmler T-shirt, but I see liberals with Che Guevara shirts regularly. I guess that they think that because they admire tyrants and murderers, conservatives must too



Why I am a Democrat

July 8, 2011

I’m almost positive that this is a parody, but you know some times it’s hard to tell.

Thanks to Eratosthenes for posting this.

Naked Hiking

June 16, 2011

From Time. They have opened up a trail for nude hikers near the town of Dankerode in Germany. I’m not sure if this is something I would want to participate in. It seems to me there might be some danger of loose body parts getting caught on thorns and prickles, and such. Also, judging from the picture included in the article, the people most likely to go hiking naked are the ones I would least want to see, not that I’m such a prize myself.

Not Again!

May 24, 2011

Evidently Harold Camping hasn’t learned his lesson. Now he is saying that the world will end on October 21. It’s an easy mistake. I confuse May with October all the time. I wonder if anyone will believe him. I suppose there’s no shortage of gullible fools.

Over 50 U.S. Churches to hold Qur’an Readings

May 21, 2011

From Jihad Watch. The Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First are co-sponsoring an initiative to have Christians invite Muslims to churches to read from their sacred texts this June 26. Tad Stahnke, director of policy and programs for Human Rights First, planned this initiative to counter anti-Muslim bigotry. As he put it;

We want to send a message to the world, that Americans do respect religious differences and reject religious bigotry and the demonization of Islam or any other religion.

And, the Rev. Welton Gaddy  of the Interfaith Alliance had this to say;

As a Christian minister who is a pastor in a local congregation, it is important to me for our nation and our world to know that not all Christians promote hate, attack religions different from their own and seek to desecrate the scripture of others,

I wish these people would take some time off from their ritual self-flagellation and take a look at what’s really going on around the world. The biggest examples of religious intolerance and persecution do not come from Christians attacking Muslims, but Muslims persecuting Christians, Muslims persecuting Jews, Muslims persecuting Baha’is, and Muslims persecuting anyone who isn’t Muslim. Not the mention Muslims persecuting rival sects of Islam.

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