So what are you going on the Internet instead of enjoying Thanksgiving with your family? Go eat some turkey and come back tomorrow.
My computer is down. So I won’t be able to do the thanksgiving post I had intended. It’s hard for me to type much on an iPhone. I should have it fixed by the end of this week.

On Vacation

Once again I am on vacation. We are not going anywhere, so if any burglars are reading this, don’t get your hopes up. We will be here. Not to mention we have two guard dogs, three attack cats, two ferrets specially trained to bite ankles, and eight parakeets with razor sharp beaks. My son is also planning to get a deadly tarantula soon. So stay away.

Come to think of it, if we did go anywhere, we would have to get someone to take care of all of those animals. So, we don’t go anywhere.


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation