My Top Priorities

President Obama would like to know what issues I think he should work on for his State of the Union address.

friend — President Obama’s incredible inaugural address laid out several bold goals for the next four years.

Now, he needs to know what issues are most important to us—so he can tackle those first.

So before the State of the Union next month, tell President Obama your number one priority! Make your voice heard right away:

  1. Growing the economy and jobs
  2. Reducing gun violence
  3. Defending equal rights
  4. Protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
  5. Solving the climate change crisis

President Obama needs to know what issues are most important to you. Take a second to vote right here—before the State of the Union!

Guy Cecil

There seem to be a few things missing from the list. How about working to balance the budget. Stop spending a trillion more dollars than the federal government takes in, every year. Entitlement reform to keep Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security from bankrupting the country. Reining in the EPA and allowing us to fully exploit our fossil fuel resources. Shrinking the size and intrusiveness of the federal government. Protecting the rights of the citizens, all the rights including our first amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion AND our second amendment right to bear arms. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

I think that President Obama’s priorities are very different from mine.