Selling Out to Big Oil

English: Inspector on offshore oil drilling rig
Drill, baby, drill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sometimes wonder just who the target audience is for the Democratic fund raising e-mails I receive.

This is just downright insulting:

After President Obama’s call to protect our environment with real solutions, Republicans just voted to allow incredibly dangerous drilling off beaches up and down both coasts.

It’s no surprise that this vote came after the Big Oil billionaire Koch brothers gave Tea Party Republicans record amounts of cash.

David — If you want to show Boehner, Cantor, and the Republicans that we’re tired of them selling out our environment for Big Oil cash, now’s the time. Our campaign to kick the Tea Party out of Congress is up against our biggest deadline of the year in 48 hours.

It’s unbelievable that more than three years after the BP spill, Republicans in Congress have yet to enact a single legislative reform to improve the safety of offshore drilling. And now, Republicans want to allow even more unsafe drilling rigs to pop up off of beaches in California and across the East Coast.

The only way we’ll get real action to protect our environment and combat climate change is if we kick out these anti-science Republicans and replace them with a Democratic House majority. Right now, we’re looking at a $450,000 hole in our budget. We could really use your help before Sunday’s fundraising deadline.

My guess would be people who don’t have to worry about high gas prices.


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