Kicking Him When He’s Down

As if Mitt Romney didn’t have enough on his mind with losing the election after a grueling campaign, he might have to face prosecution, at least if the people who sent me this e-mail have their way.

Dear David Hoffman,

Mitt Romney just lost the election — and now, he’s about to become the first former candidate ever to be charged with violating federal ethics law.

United Automobile Workers (UAW) and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) are preparing to launch an official lawsuit against Romney for hiding between 15.3 to 111.5 million dollarsfrom the auto industry bailout in his wife Anne’s “blind” trust to conceal the gain and reduce taxes on it.

“The American people have a right to know about Gov. Romney’s potential conflicts of interest, such as the profits his family made from the auto rescue,” the groups said in their official complaint. “It’s time for Gov. Romney to disclose or divest.”

It’s time to expose just how unscrupulous Romney is about making his fortune off the misfortunes of others. Please, support UAW and CREW by calling on Romney to reveal exactly how much he made and continues to make off the auto bailout!

PETITION TO MITT ROMNEY: It’s time to come clean. We demand to know how much money you hid in your wife’s supposed blind trust, and how much you continue to make thanks to the gutting of the auto industry.

Before, I got a petition to shut down Fox News, and now this. I doubt if anything will come of this, but I wonder what it says about the sort of people who make up these petitions. They seem to be a vindictive lot who don’t care for opposing viewpoints, in other words, Leftists.



Too Busy for Blogging

I’ve been extremely busy lately, too busy to do much with this blog. That’s too bad, since I really like writing here. It’s strange, how the physical exhaustion of working ten to twelve-hour days, putting up Pepsi, leads to a sort of mental fatigue. I have been so tired this past week,  that I can’t really focus my thoughts, not to mention just not having much free time.

I hope things will be better soon.

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