Unusually Stupid Celebrities

I know that writing a book is always hard work, yet I cannot help but think that Unusually Stupid Celebrities must have been an easier book than most to write given the sheer volume of anecdotes about celebrity stupidity, vanity, avarice, and egotism out there.  In fact, the chief difficulty would be how to decide which stories to include and which to leave out. I have no doubt that Kathryn and Ross Petras could easily have ended up with a book twice the size that was published.


Still, I have to wonder what is the point of it all. Unusually Stupid Celebrities is an easy and fun book to read and the stories are all funny.  But anyone who has ever seen the cover of a supermarket tabloid already knows that these people are the most worthless lot of self-indulgent fools in the world. In a way, a book like this is almost too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. If there is anyone who still admires these people, this book might serve to disillusion them.