Weapon of A.S.S Destruction

If you have not seen Alfonzo Rachel’s ZoNation videos on PJTV then you are really missing something. I do not believe that there is anyone out there so consistently and zealously making the case for conservatism as Mr. Rachel, or Zo as he is called. Think of Rush Limbaugh, only younger, more energetic and cooler. Zo’s rapid speed delivery anticipates and blows away the arguments that liberals make before they even have a chance to make them.


Zo’s book, Weapon of A.S.S.Destruction began as an audio book and I believe that the printed book that I read is a transcription of that audio book. The book reads just as Zo speaks and I can almost hear his voice as I read it. The style is fun and easy to follow with Zo giving his take on one conservative issue after another. I was finished with Weapon of A.S.S Destruction almost before I even began.


If Zo has a fault, and we all do, it is that he does tend to talk and write faster than he thinks. The views he expresses so well can be somewhat simplistic and he does need to take more time to establish the facts to support his positions and think through these positions a little more thoroughly. With that said, however, I can recommend Weapon of A.S.S. to any reader, especially the novice conservative and I think that it will make an excellent Christmas, sorry Holiday, gift to any liberal of your acquaintance.