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Penn and the Bible

August 16, 2011

Wilhelm in her column I mentioned in the previous post, mentioned that Penn Jillette became an atheist after reading the Bible from cover to cover.

Which brings us back to Penn Jillette and his new book. To be fair, Jillette is an equal-opportunity religion basher — and don’t even get him started on agnostics. (Very short version: They’re cowards.) Christians like me, you’ll be pleased to know, are not the only peabrains/dangerous weirdos on the planet. But we do share a special place of dubious honor. According to God, No!, it was the cover-to-cover reading of our holy book that turned a young Jillette to the dark (or, as some prominent atheists would prefer, the “bright”) side.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair made a similar claim as have a number of other atheists. There are even websites showing the Bible to be ridiculous or evil. I have read the Bible all the way through a number of times and I do not find it to be either ridiculous or evil. I sometimes wonder if there are two editions of the Bible, the one that I have read and the one that these atheists read.

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