Jihad Against the Ahmadis

Some news of the Religion of Peace and Tolerance courtesy of Jihad Watch. A conference held in Lahore, Pakistan called for a boycott against the Ahmadi population of the city with the goal of ridding the city of such contemptible infidels. Here is the story in the International Herald Tribune.

LAHORE: Speakers at an anti-Ahmadi conference on Saturday vowed to expel all members of the Ahmadi community from the city.

The Radd-i-Qadianiyat Conference was held at Jamia Naeemia. The participants were told they had a duty to wage a holy war against Ahmadis. The audience which included a large number of students of the Jamia, vowed to wage ‘jihad’ against Ahmadis through their writings, speech, charity funds and corporal strength.

Maulana Ghulam Hussain Kiani, one of the speakers, said they would force Ahmadis to leave the city. “Their presence has polluted the city… their so-called places of worship are in fact centres of conspiracies against Muslims,” he said.

Kiani said that he had the ‘honour’ of ensuring the removal of Kalma Tayyeba from Darul Zikr, an Ahmadi worship place, at Garhi Shahu.

Advocate Badiuz Zaman, another speaker, told the participants not to befriend any Ahmadis. “Sharing utensils with Ahmadis is sinful,” he said, “Being friends with them is worse… the Holy Prophet (pbuh) disapproved of that.”

Zaman asked the participants to promise that they would do everything in their power to oppose Ahmadis in every way.

Stage Secretary Maulvi Muhammad Asghar urged the participants to take practical measures against the ‘blasphemers’. “How can you eat your meals in peace while there are Ahmadis living peacefully in your city?” he said. Asghar accused former Supreme Court Bar Association president Asma Jehangir of committing blasphemy, “That must be stopped at all cost,” he said.

Asghar also told the participants to stop consuming foods and beverages produced by Shezan. “They are made by Ahmadis. Buying these helps their movement against Muslims,” he said.

“There are 1,200 Ahmadis currently fighting for the Israel Defence Forces,” Asghar said, “They torture innocent Muslim Palestinians… Muslims shouldn’t even shake hands with Ahmadis.”

Sahibzada Syed Ibrarul Hasan Shah was also critical of the Ahle Hadith.

He said, “I don’t know why they think they are the ‘thekedars’ (guardians) of Khatam-i-Nabuwat … they don’t even have the proper respect for the Holy Prophet (pbuh).”

The head of Jamia Naeemia said that according to the law, Ahmadis could not call themselves Muslims or preach their faith. They could also not call their places of worship mosques, but did.

The state should take action against them for violating the law, he said. “All schools of Islamic thought agree that Ahmadis are not Muslims,” he said.

Several people recited poems insulting Ahmadis and their religious leaders.

Mufti Haseeb Qadri, another speaker, regretted the language and criticised the conference organisers. “There should be some difference between the language used in the streets and a conference in a religious seminary,” he said, “The speakers should not have used indecent language. They should have focused on the subject.”

Munawar Ali Shahid, a member of the Ahmadiya community told The Express Tribune that the Anti-Ahmadi campaign was making their lives difficult.

He said the community in Lahore feared for their lives. “Many Ahmadi businessmen have left the city… instead of curbing such hateful speech the government provides these people security,” Shahid said.

How terrible that some people are allowed to live in peace. They should be driven out, along with the Jews, Christians and other infidels.  Then, everyone will know that Islam stands for the peaceful coexistence of diverse groups and anyone who says otherwise is an intolerant islamophobe.

The Ahmadis, in case you were curious, are a reformist sect of Islam that was founded in British India by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad towards the end of the nineteenth century. The Ahmadis share most of the beliefs of orthodox Sunni Islam. They agree that Mohammed was the final prophet and accept the authority of the Koran and Hadiths. There are some differences, however, and these differences have resulted in savage persecution by more mainstream Muslims. While the Ahmadis do not believe that Ahmad was a prophet, they do consider him to be the Messiah. Unlike orthodox Muslims who believe that Allah took Jesus to Heaven and substituted another person in the crucifixion, the Ahmadis believe that Jesus died a natural death in the Kashmir and that Ahmad fulfills the prophecies that Christians attribute to the Second Coming. They tend to reject jihad and emphasize the peaceful spread of Islam and look forward to the day when all humankind is united in peace under the banner of Islam. They also reject the doctrine of abrogation, in which conflicting verses of the Koran indicate that Allah has abrogated the earlier verse in favor of a new revelation. Ahmadis hold that all the verses of the Koran are equally valid and that any contradiction must be resolved according to the appropriate circumstances.

These differences appear minor to the outsider, but somehow it is the minor heresies that inspire the most hatred. The more orthodox Muslims of India and Pakistan view the Ahmadis as heretics and apostates and assign the same status to them as kafir or infidels. As the article above shows, they are definitely not considered to be Muslims. Their insistence that they are indeed Muslims, and closer to the primitive doctrine than mainstream Islam only makes the prejudice of the Muslims against them even worse than any bigotry against Christians or Jews. This hatred is so great that the only Pakistani to receive a Nobel Prize, Abdus Salam, was largely ignored by the Pakistani government because he was of that sect. The description “Muslim” was ordered to be erased from his tombstone by the courts.

I guess as long as these people are planning jihad against such despicable infidel and heretics, they don’t have to worry about Pakistan’s real problems, such as a collapsing economy or a corrupt government.


2 thoughts on “Jihad Against the Ahmadis”

  1. Hey David – interesting post. Not to detract from the general condemnation of Ahmadi’s horrible treatment – but in the 3 major Abrahamic traditions, all messengers are prophets (but not all prophets are messengers). So anyone claiming to be a messenger, is automatically claiming prophethood. And that doesn’t make Muhammad the last prophet (to him) and is against the basic two tenets of Islamic faith. That could be the problem. It must sound incredibly complicated. Especially, since Mr. Ahmad also claimed to be Jesus resurrected / returned and Mahdi.

    Either way, they could left to their own devices.


    1. Thank you. I am not so sure that the statement that all messengers are prophets is true in regards to Christianity. In the New Testament, the Apostles are Jesus Christ’s representatives after his resurrection and ascension into Heaven. They preach and teach in his name and Paul especially contends that his message was given to him by Christ and not by any human. They see visions and receive inspiration from the Holy Spirit, but are not called prophets. There are prophets mentioned in the New Testament and in the literature of the early church, but this seems to be a different, and perhaps inferior office than the apostles. In the Islamic view you are right and if Ahmad proclaimed himself to be a prophet he would be an apostate. Looking over the Wikipedia article again, it seems that the matter is more complicated than I thought. One faction seems to believe that he was a prophet, though an inferior one since he did not bring any new revelation but reaffirmed the teachings of earlier prophets, especially Mohammed, the other believes him to be a reformer and only a prophet in a metaphorical sense. I still do not fully understand what these two factions believe about Jesus and whether Ahmad believed himself to be some sort of reincarnation or a fulfilling a certain role.
      I can see why more orthodox Muslims would despise these people as heretics but their deviation seems to be somewhat less than that of the Baha’is or of the Mormons to mainstream Christians, but it is a quirk of human nature that the heretic close in beliefs is hated worse than an infidel.


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