Going to War in Syria

It would seem that we are preparing military strikes against the Assad regime in Syria. I can’t even begin to say what an incredibly stupid idea this is. Yes, it is deplorable that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against the rebels. Yes, the current government of Syria is a vicious tyranny that has violated the human rights of the people of Syria and it deserves to be overthrown. The problem is that the rebels are Islamist fanatics that want to impose Sharia law on Syria, that are allied with al-Qaida, that they have been massacring Syria’s Christians, and that they will very likely to be as tyrannical and vicious as the Assad regime.

There are no good guys in this conflict. Both sides hate us. Both sides have links to terrorists. The last thing the Middle East needs is another Islamic state, yet that seems to be just what Obama is trying to achieve. We need to just stay out of this.

Blaming Rush Again

Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in...
More powerful than the President? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was reading this column by Rush Limbaugh‘s younger (and smarter) brother David Limbaugh at Townhall.com and a couple of things stuck me. First of all is the unpresidential spectacle of Obama blaming Rush for his inability to get his legislation passed.


Once again, President Obama is personally attacking my brother, Rush,
this time to shamelessly blame him for congressional gridlock. Nice
try, Mr. President, but what really bothers you is that Rush has your
number and daily shares it with his vast audience.

In an interview last week with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Obama charged
that most congressional Republicans oppose the move to defund Obamacare
but are afraid of saying so publicly for fear of Rush’s public
condemnation. Obama made the same type of charge prior to the 2012

Obama also glibly blames congressional Republicans for any impasse
with him on budgetary policy, saying the least they can do is to pass a
budget. “Congress doesn’t have a whole lot of core responsibilities,” he
said, as if to suggest that passing a budget is a mere ministerial


Despite the fact that Rush Limbaugh has a large platform with which to present his views, he is still only a private citizen. He has no power to enact or block legislation and it is beneath the dignity of any president to personally attack a private citizen. This sort of thing only makes Obama look petty and probably helps Limbaugh maintain his ratings. The second thing that struck me was this remark by Obama.


But Obama continued to dig a deeper hole of deceit in his interview, telling Cuomo that sometimes his Republican friends (who are these creatures, by the way?) tell him privately that they would support his agenda but for their fear of a primary challenge from a tea party member, or they’re “worried about what Rush Limbaugh is going to say about me on radio.”

I seriously doubt that any such conversations took place between Republican congressmen and Obama, but if they did, it shows the type of Republican who would befriend Obama — the type who is dishonest with his constituency.


I wouldn’t doubt that many such conversations have occurred. But the point is that isn’t this how democracy is supposed to work? These people in Congress are supposed to be representing their constituents. If their constituents are opposed to Obama’s agenda, then shouldn’t they be representing such opposition? One gets the idea that President Obama would rather rule by decree with a rubber stamp Congress giving some fiction of constitutionality. Probably all presidents have felt that way from time to time, but Obama seems less able to conceal it.


One of the greatest frustration that conservatives have had is politicians who talk conservative while campaigning but then vote liberal as soon as they get to Washington. Until recently these spineless wonders have been more afraid of the New York Times saying something bad about them than the reaction of the people back home. If fear of the Tea Party has caused these people to actually start expressing the will of the people they actually represent, than the Tea Party has been a very good thing for this country.




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