Larry Grathwohl

In a sane and just world, Larry Grathwohlwould be recognized as a true American hero. His successful effort, as an FBI informant, to infiltrate the terrorist group the Weather Underground and to attempt to bring them to justice would be common knowledge and his book about his experiences would a best selling, making Grathwohl a wealthy man.images

In a sane and just world, terrorists and murderers like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn would be spending their lives in prison, justly reviled by the nation they sought to destroy. Their protegé, one Barack Obama, would not dare to enter politics for fear that an alert media would expose his sordid and radical past.

We do not live in a sane and just world. In this insane and unjust world we do live in, heroes like Larry Grathwohl live and die in obscurity, their work largely unrecognized. Villains like Ayers and Dorhn do not pay the price for their crimes but are treated as heroes by the Left wing media and Hollywood. Fawning movies by A list celebrities white wash their murderous pasts, implying that they were just a little bit over excited at times, not crazed radicals who were perfectly willing to see tens of million of their fellow Americans perish in concentration camps.

Larry Grathwohl is now in a saner and more just world, having left this one yesterday. He has gone to his reward for his heroism. One can hope that the villains he exposed will soon face the justice they deserve.


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