Bill Whittle calls for more civility between people in this video from PJMedia. He does not mean what liberals mean by civility, which is something like, “Sit down and shut up while we tell you what to think”. He means that people should be civil to one another.

Hear, hear! I have discovered in my own life that I can get a lot more accomplished by simply being nice to people, especially when they don’t expect it. Confrontations can be diffused by simply not losing your temper or your cool and treating the other person with civility. Unless he is a total jerk, he will begin to reciprocate. In general, if you try to be pleasant to the people around you, they often feel obliged to be pleasant back at you. This doesn’t mean you should be a wimp or allow people to take advantage of you. Actually, I have found that if I and assertive in a civil way, I am less inclined to lash out at people. It’s really frustrating to feel that you are being pushed around and if you don’t stand up for yourself at first, you are likely to become more and more angry.

I used to be very rude to the people around me. Part of this was due to the extreme social anxiety I used to suffer from. It is very hard to be pleasant when you are anxious and can barely speak. I was able to get over the social anxiety, perhaps I’ll write about that some other time, but I still tended to be rude to people partly out of habit and partly out of the mistaken idea that rudeness was somehow a sign of strength and assertiveness. I hope  that I have learned better now and I do make a conscious effort to be civil. I try to write in a civil fashion in this blog and elsewhere, though I don’t know if I have succeeded to any extent.


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