The Big Picture of the Bible

The Bible is a fairly large anthology of sixty-six books written in three languages, (Hebrew, Greek, and a little Aramaic) with many genres (history, poetry, letters, etc), on three continents over a period of 1500 years. With such an epic scope, it is easy for even the devout Christian to become lost in the details and lose sight of the big picture. For the beginning Christian, reading the Bible often seems to be a daunting tasking with seeming no easy way to begin or to make sense of everything. What is needed is a short book explaining the big picture of the Bible, to tie everything together in manner that is short and easily understandable.

This is precisely what Kenneth W. Craig has done with his book The Big Picture of the Bible. In this short book, Craig covers the basic Biblical message of salvation. The Big Picture of the Bible is divided into two parts and seventeen short chapters which contain lessons easy to understand and can be covered quickly. The Big Picture of the Bible is ideal for personal study or evangelization.


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