Blocking Obama’s Agenda

The Democrats don’t seem to like Mitch McConnell very much. That is the impression I am getting from some of the latest fund raising e-mails they have been sending me.

Friend — Mitch McConnell and the Republicans couldn’t care less about what we want.

They only care about blocking every single piece of President Obama’s agenda. That’s why McConnell has led 401 filibusters, including the Republican filibuster against background checks.

But they aren’t going to get away with it. Polls show McConnell’s support has plummeted, meaning we have a real chance to beat him and the Republicans.

In 36 hours we face the first FEC deadline since the latest GOP filibuster of background checks. If we don’t reach our $400,000 goal before this deadline, McConnell will point to it as evidence that grassroots support is waning for sensible reform.

Will you help us defeat Mitch McConnell and the Republicans? If you give $3 by tomorrow’s FEC deadline, we’ll renew your membership (we see you haven’t re-upped yet).

Actually what I want is for President Obama’s destructive agenda to be blocked as much as possible, so it would seem that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are doing exactly what I want.

4 thoughts on “Blocking Obama’s Agenda”

  1. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    Judging from the propaganda campaign unleashed earlier this month by Mother Jones, Mitch McConnell is clearly hitting a nerve. Progressives have declared war on McConnell which means that even though he represents the establishment McConnell must be doing something right.


    1. I have never been very fond of Mitch McConnell in the past but you’re right. He must be doing something right to get the progressives to declare him public enemy number one.


    1. I think he has decided that he doesn’t want to share the fate of his colleague Richard Lugar. In the era of the Tea Party wishy-washy RINOs get primary challenges.


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