Hugo Chavez to be on Display

I have to wonder what it is about the followers of Socialist and Communist dictators that makes them want to put their dead leaders on public display. According to this article by the AP, that is the plan for Chavez’s corpse.

Hugo Chavez‘s body will be preserved and forever displayed inside a glass tomb at a military museum not far from the presidential palace from which he ruled for 14 years, his successor announced Thursday in a Caribbean version of the treatment given Communist revolutionary leaders such as Lenin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh.

English: Hugo Chavez Español: Hugo Chavez
Then again, being stuffed, he will do less damage to Venezuela(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vice President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s acting head of state, said Chavez would first lie in state for “at least” seven more days before the museum becomes his permanent home. It was not clear when exactly he would be moved from the military academy where his body has been since Wednesday.

I suppose this procedure is meant to continue the cult of personality, and for all I know, maybe the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt had their bodies mummified for that reason. It’s still a grisly custom, keeping a dead body preserved for people to gawk at, and I think they should just bury him.

By the way anti-war, far left wing nutcase Cindy Sheehan wrote quite a moving elegy for her fallen hero on her blog

A wonderful human being has passed.
What do I do when I am angry, happy, or sad? I write.
Back in 2004, shortly after my son, Casey, was killed in Iraq, a grief counselor advised me to write a letter to my son in a journal every night. I filled up three journals in the terrible months after his death. I often wrote at his grave and those journals did help me deal with the unspeakable loss.
Today, I write from a great well of sadness, but not just for me, for the world. My dear friend in peace and justice, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, just lost his fierce and valiant battle with cancer.
Many people know about Hugo Chavez, the president, and constant thorn in the side to El Imperio the meddlesome and harmful Empire to the north. But I want to eulogize Chavez the man I knew.
He was my dear friend and comrade in a way where we were united in the struggle for peace and economic justice and equality. It’s not like I could text him, or we would chat about current events, but whenever I had the privilege to be with him, warmth radiated from his heart and I was able to connect with him in very real and human ways. Compared to the palpable realness of Chavez, most of the US politicians I have met with are walking and talking ice sculptures.
She goes on and on, but that’s as far as I could read of this tribute to a tyrant before I started to gag. Still, I thought I might console her for her grief, so I left a comment saying, “Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find another dictator to fawn over.” The comment was removed almost immediately. I guess she follows her hero’s example when it comes to opinions she doesn’t like.

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