Jurassic Survival Guide

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? Get away from civilization and all of its stresses and live a more natural life, perhaps on some remote island, untouched by modern society? Unfortunately, such places are rare and getting rare, as the march of technology makes the world ever smaller and more connected. It might seem that truly getting away from it all has become an impossible dream.

What about a trip to the distant past? Way back before the rise of man. In fact, how about a trip all the way back to the age of the dinosaurs. Perhaps the Jurassic period, some 150 million years ago would be just the thing. Of course, you might object that the plants and animals might be very different then. How would anyone know what was safe to eat and how to avoid the more dangerous predators? Well, fear no longer. Dinosaur expert, Dougal Dixon has prepared a survival guide for use for anyone who wants to travel into the Jurassic period. By reading A Survival Guide: Living with Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period, you will become acquainted with the latest research on the plants and animals of the Jurassic period and learn which ones may51oL4dRP3dL._AA160_ be of use and which ones best avoided Dixon gives advice on finding the perfect place to locate your prehistoric getaway and how to best make use of the natural resources of the period.


It’s kind of a quirky idea, but honestly, I cannot think of a better way to learn about the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period. A Survival Guide is a lot more fun to read than a book on prehistoric life written in a more regular format. I have to confess that the first chapters, in which Dougal Dixon gives a rather exhaustive survey of the geography of the Jurassic period, are a little slow going, but once he gets into the descriptions of the life forms, the book’s pace picks up.

There is one curious omission, though. I find it hard to imagine that human beings could survive in a world with creatures as large as the Apatosaurus or the Allosaurus without firearms, of maybe even something heavier. Yet, Dixon nowhere mentions guns. I don’t think I would care to have to fight off one of the great theropods armed with nothing more than a spear or an axe and I am not at all sure that a fence of sharpened sticks would be sufficient to ward off migrating sauropods. At the very least, I think it might be useful to learn where their weak spots might be and whether the armor of an ankylosaur is bulletproof.

A Survival Guide by Dougal Dixon is a fun and informative book to read, whether you are a dinosaur novice wanting to learn more, or an expert.

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