Speaking of Polls…


I was just contacted by a polling organization. Instead of hanging up, as is my custom, I actually answered the questions. I told the man that I would definitely be voting for Barack Obama, that I am a strong Democrat, that I oppose the second amendment, and so on. In other words, every response I gave was the opposite of my real opinion. I honestly don’t know why I did that. maybe I just wanted to mess with the polls.

If even a few people have been doing this, it might turn out to be an interesting election night.




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One Response to “Speaking of Polls…”

  1. The Butcher Says:

    Reblogged this on pundit from another planet and commented:
    Considering that pollsters have to work with an ever-shrinking pool of willing subjects, only a 9% success rate, down drastically from previous elections (the other 91% won’t answer, or hang up) and among those who do answer, some choose to respond how David just did…what does that tell us about the integrity of polls in 2012?

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