Michael Moore is a Twit

Of course we already knew that, but I read his tweets on Obama’s disastrous debate performance and one comment struck me as being somewhat revealing. It’s the tweet at the bottom where he calls out to Jim Lehrer.

This seems to be a common complaint from the Left, that Jim Lehrer was too even handed and fair. Evidently Moore and others wanted the playing field tilted in Obama’s favor. Isn’t that just a little like expecting the referee to be biased in favor of your team, instead of enforcing the rules fairly? Don’t they have any concept at all of playing by the rules? I suppose not. After all they don’t seem to believe in following the law or the constitution.

For whatever it may be worth, I think Jim Lehrer did a terrific job as moderator, mostly by staying in the background and letting the candidates make their case. He recognized that it wasn’t about him, but about the candidates and the voters.

One more thing, if Barack Obama cannot win a debate unless it is rigged, doesn’t that say something about him, or the ideas and policies he supports?

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