Piss Christ On Display


The infamous “artwork” Piss Christ, which depicts a crucifix submerged in a jar of urine, is on display again at the Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery in New York and outraged Christians all over the country have been rioting. There have been several deaths and mosques and synagogues have been vandalized while President Obama has appealed for calm. While upholding the right of free speech, Obama has condemned those who misuse that freedom to assault the religious sensibilities of others, saying “The future must not belong to those who slander the Savior of Christianity.”

No wait, none of that is happening. Piss Christ is indeed on display but there has been no violence whatever. I agree that it was a feeble enough joke on my part and hardly original. I have read variations all over the place. Still, there is something to be said here.

Most Christians are offended by Piss Christ. Yet, hardly anyone is saying that Andres Serrano should be arrested, or harmed in any way for making it. If Christians object to this work and others like it, it is generally to insist that such “art” not receive taxpayer funding. In other words, they object to being compelled to pay for “art” they consider blasphemous. This seems reasonable enough, but rather than having their objections respected, Christians are sneered at by the “artistic” and social elites who think that Serrano actually has talent or something worthwhile to say. They are called names like Taliban and accused of supporting censorship, while these elites fancy themselves as boldly standing up for free expression.

There is no Piss Koran nor is there likely to be one. Why does Islam get respect from these people and Christianity does not? Well, because Muslims do go out and kill people when they are offended, and the bold defenders of freedom of expression are not so brave as to willingly face any danger to their lives or reputation.They are pathetic, hypocritical cowards who are enabling the barbarians of the world.


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