At Chick-fil-A



I stopped by Chick-fil-A this afternoon. The place was full of intolerant, hate filled, homophobes.


The person who took our order at the drive through said, “God bless you”, a clear example of the worst kind of religious hatred and bigotry.

We had to wait a bit at the window. Some hater had bought 55 regular chicken sandwiches. The girl at the window was very friendly, as we’re all of the staff. They probably would have spit in our sandwiches if we were gay .

You know, I’m just kidding here, but judging from the comments that I have read on Facebook and elsewhere, there are people that really think like this. The odd thing is that all the hateful comments seem to come from the tolerant, inclusive Left and quite a few of them wish harm on Chick-fil-A and its Companies. I wonder who the real haters are.

There sure are a lot of bigoted haters around. On the other have here is where the real hate is.

Note the name calling.




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