Cat Mayor


It is said that the Roman Emperor Caligula once made his horse Consul. Whether this was just a joke on his part, or a sign of his growing mental instability is unknown. The good people of Talkeetna Alaska have done the mad emperor one better. They elected a cat as their mayor. I read this story in the AP.

The mayor of a sleepy Alaska town is feline fine.

The part-Manx cat clawed his way onto the political scene of Talkeetna, Alaska, through a write-in campaign shortly after he was born 15 years ago.

KTUU-TV reported ( ) Friday that residents didn’t like the mayoral candidates years ago, so they encouraged enough people to elect Stubbs as a write-in candidate. The town has nearly 900 residents.

Although his position is honorary, Stubbs’ popularity is real. His election earned him enough press to catapult the town at the base of Mount McKinley into a tourist destination.

Residents say they’re happy that their stubby-tailed mayor is promoting tourism. The general store where Stubbs hangs out says it gets dozens of tourists a day asking for him.

I am sure that Stubbs makes a wonderful mayor. I doubt he ever asks the City Council for a raise in his salary, if he gets one at all. A clean litter box and some catnip are enough to satisfy him.

Maybe they should run Stubbs for President. There are Constitutional problems, since the President must be at least 35 years of age. Perhaps we could consider his fifteen years as at least 35 in cat years. He wouldn’t do nearly as much damage as most presidents.

Stubbs for President!!!



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