The Obama Effect

The Obama Effect is a movie which has just been released. Contrary to what you may expect, this is not a documentary showing the damage that three years of President’s Obama’s policies has inflicted on the country. Rather, this movie seems to be a full length campaign commercial for Barack Obama. Think of it as Hollywood’s contribution to the Obama campaign.

As far as I can determine from the trailer and website, the plot runs something like this. Charles S. Dutton plays an insurance agent who has a heart attack. He suffers serious brain damage and becomes a full-fledged Obama zombie, dedicating his life to worshipping Obama and seeing him elected president. Naturally, there is a sleazy Republican character. Here is the trailer.

I have to confess that one of the reasons that I have thoroughly disliked Barack Obama, aside from his Socialist ideology and general incompetence, is his willingness to countenance and even encourage the cult of personality shown by his more rabid supporters. Who can forget the Obama kids singing their Dear Leader’s praise?

I do not like or trust charismatic leaders who are worshiped by their supporters. I already have a Messiah. I do not need another one, especially a corrupt Chicago politician. I do not want a larger than life Caesar or Napoleon. I prefer a Cincinnatus who will do the job without fanfare and then return to the plow. I certainly have no desire to see a modern version of Triumph of the Will.


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One Response to “The Obama Effect”

  1. Justin Hoffer Says:

    Okay… After railing against the movie “G-d Bless America”, (about a guy that gets a brain tumor and decides to kill people he hates, such as a spoiled 16 year old brat that bitches on TV about getting the wrong car for her birthday, or the ‘G-d Hates Fags’ crowd) I’m starting to see the point when it comes to idiots that make movies like this.

    What the hell is wrong with these people?

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