Democracy is Dead

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The Nine. There were nine Nazgul too. I wonder if that is a coincidence

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare today. This is not good and I think it might be fair to say that the cause of liberty suffered a setback. Still, you won’t see me crying and sobbing that democracy is dead, like that idiot in Wisconsin. We lost a battle, but the war continues.

Obviously, we have to elect a Republican president and gain both Houses of Congress. Even then repeal will be harder than many might think. We can count on the liberal media to scream about Conservative selfishness and cruelty every step of the way and I am sure that some of our less stalwart Congressmen will cave at the first hostile editorial from the New York Times. What I mean to say is that it is not enough just to send Republicans to Congress. We are going to have to keep on them until this obamanation is ended.

I have not read the actual ruling and dissents yet. I am not a lawyer and I am not sure if I could really understand the legal jargon. I think I will make an effort to plow through it if I ever have the time, or an incurable case of insomnia. I gather, however, that Justice Roberts struck down the use of the interstate commerce clause as a justification for the law, but joined the more liberal Justices in upholding the law on the basis that the individual mandate could be considered a tax. In other words, Congress can not mandate everyone must buy insurance, or any other product, but it does have the authority to levy a tax to fund a program that provides health insurance. I hope that any lawyer reading this will correct me if I have made a mistake here.

Chief Justice John Roberts has come under a lot of criticism from Conservatives. Some have speculated that he has been pressured or even intimidated to rule the way he did. Others have wondered if he wants to impress the Washington D. C. political elite. I am not so sure. I think that he simply is not inclined to legislate from the bench as other Justices have done. He seems to have the opinion that Obamacare is a deeply flawed piece of legislation but that it is not his job to correct it.  I think, I am no expert on these matters, that his reasoning was sound. Congress does have the right to levy taxes. I also think that he might be taking a broader perspective than most. He did oppose the use of the interstate commerce clause, which is the clause that Liberals have been using to justify the expansion of government in the private sphere for decades. If Congress can impose such a tax, then maybe we need to have a long delayed discussion on what should be taxed and what the government should be really be using that money for. I think then that Roberts was subtly undermining the whole basis for the decades long, relentless expansion of government.

In the end, repealing Obamacare is not enough and if we focus just on that than we run the risk of ignoring the wider fight. We need to do more than repeal one law. We need to reverse the whole entitlement mentality that allows so many people to think that they can get something for nothing. We have to somehow educate people like that foolish woman who believed that Obama was going to pay her mortgage. We must teach them that nothing is really free, and if they do not pay for the goodies they want, than their grandchildren will.

This will not be an easy fight. Our enemies are weaker than they used to be, but they still have control of our educational systems, our entertainment industry, and much of our news media. They will not stop until everyone is a serf and freedom is a forgotten word. But, we have the truth on our side and the knowledge that we fight for freedom, while they stand for tyranny.

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