Astrologers Predict Win for Obama

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The stars have spoken

It must have been a slow news day at Yahoo News and Reuters yesterday. I can’t think of any other plausible explanation for this bit of nonsense.

NEWS ORLEANS (Reuters) – The votes are in and it is unanimous: Barack Obama will win re-election to the U.S. presidency in November, according to five astrologers who offered predictions at their convention on Tuesday.

Each of the five astrologers on the presidential panel explained how they came to their assessments, with most relying on studies of celestial charts pertinent to both Obama and presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney for the date of either the election itself or the next presidential inauguration.

There is more to the article, including an explanation of which planetary alignments make an Obama victory certain but I am not going to bother copying it. I remember when the media made fun of Nancy Reagan when it was revealed that she had consulted with astrologers. Maybe they owe her an apology now. They definitely owe their readers an apology for wasting our time with this foolishness.

Planned Parenthood Spending $1.4 Million for Ads Against

They have endorsed Obama, no surprise there, and they plan on spending $1.4 million on a ad campaign against Mitt Romney because he has promised to cut their funding from the government. From Yahoo News.

The political arm of Planned Parenthood officially endorsed President Barack Obama on Wednesday, and simultaneously announced a seven-figure ad buy targeting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The $1.4 million television ad campaign, which will run in markets in Florida, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Iowa through June 19, criticizes Romney for pledging to end federal funding for the reproductive health group. Planned Parenthood has long been a target of Republicans because it provides abortion services and access to contraception at its clinics.

The 30-second ad, titled “Out of Touch,” is part of a larger effort to cast Romney as a candidate whose policies would be bad for women, a criticism that Obama and other Democrats have leveled throughout the year.

“Unlike President Obama, what Mitt Romney doesn’t seem to understand is that women’s health issues are economic issues for women and families,” said Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards in a statement. “The fact that Mitt Romney doesn’t understand that shows just how out of touch and wrong for women he really is.”

Considering that a majority of Americans now describe themselves as pro-life, it might be fair to wonder just who is really out of touch. It seems a corrupt business to me. Planned Parenthood gets taxpayer’s money, even though a great many tax payers might prefer that their money not go to an organization that provides abortions. They use some of that money to create an ad campaign in order to be able to continue feeding at the public trough. Maybe we should be asking why Planned Parenthood needs public funding in the first place. If their cause is necessary and good, than surely they would have no trouble raising enough money for their operation through private and voluntary donations.

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