Banned on Youtube

Youtube has banned this video.

I think that they were right in doing so since the content is full of extreme, hateful, and homophobic statements regarding gay marriage. This young women actually has the strange notion that marriage should be only between a man and a woman. Even worse, she believes in God and that the Bible contains rules that ought to be followed. Such bigotry and hate speech must not be tolerated. Clearly, the public schools of North Carolina have failed to indoctrinate her properly with the correct opinions.

Come to think of it, I bet she was home-schooled. They need to ban that sort of thing. Otherwise we might have a generation of Americans who are capable of thinking for themselves and who knows where that might lead?

She is not the only one they are trying to censor.

Update: I notice that her video is back on youtube, for now. Since I can’t seem to get the embed from breitbart to work properly here is the embed from youtube.


The left are like a bunch of cockroaches. They thrive in the darkness but when a light is shined upon them they scatter. And yes, she is home schooled.

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