Courier Journal Endorses Lugar

Official photo of Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN).
Time for Lugar to go home

The Louisville Courier-Journal endorsed Senator Richard Lugar for the upcoming primary. This is no surprise since they always endorse the Democratic candidate in the general elections while endorsing the most Democratic minded Republican for the primaries. Actually, the editors unintentionally make a good case for supporting Lugar’s opponent Richard Mourdock.

During 36 years in the U.S. Senate, Republican Richard Lugar has built an impressive career as a conservative but rational member of Congress, respected for his knowledge on foreign policy and as the ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Though he considers himself conservative, Mr. Lugar, 80, has developed a reputation for being willing to work with Senate Democrats. And he is the only member of Indiana’s Republican Congressional delegation with enough courage to refuse to sign Grover Norquist’s mindless anti-tax pledge, saying it ties lawmakers’ hands and adds to congressional gridlock.

Now Mr. Lugar is facing perhaps his toughest election challenge ever in Indiana’s May 8 primary from Republican Richard Mourdock, backed by tea party extremists who argue that the Senator is just not conservative enough. Observers are billing the race as one of several around the country where tea party activists are seeking to prove their movement is still politically potent.

Extremists are those people who believe that it is dangerous to spend $1 trillion more than we have every year and who believe in limited government. Real wackos there. I do not believe Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge is mindless. We did not get into our current mess because the American people are not taxed enough. We got into our mess because our leaders refuse to stop the government’s reckless spending.

Mr. Mourdock, 60, in his second term as Indiana state treasurer, offers little to inspire. His campaign provides a predictable laundry list of his stances on issues likely to appeal to the rightest wing of his party. He hates Obamacare, runaway federal spending, liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices and abortion. He loves the notion of securing U.S. borders and the right to bear arms.

That laundry list happens to be the opinions of a large percentage of the American people. I suspect the majority of my fellow Hoosiers would support every item on that list. I guess we’re a whole state full of extremists. I guess the editors of the Courier Journal support runaway federal spending and oppose securing our borders.

Haven’t voters learned anything from the last round of elections where tea party-backed candidates flocked to Congress and promptly jammed up the works with their arrogant refusal to compromise?

When you are in a car that is heading toward a cliff at 100 miles per hour and driver wants to keep going while you want to put on the brakes, slowing down to 50 miles per hour may be a compromise, but it is not a very good idea. The United States is heading toward a fiscal train wreck at warp speed and neither President Obama nor the Democrats in Congress are even willing to admit we have a problem, much less come up with any solutions. The Democrat-controlled Senate can’t even get around to making out a budget. What is there to compromise about? The Tea party backed candidates want to save the country. the Democrats want to fiddle while the country burns.

Hoosiers should value Mr. Lugar’s maturity and experience and select him over his GOP primary opponent.

On the contrary, Hoosiers should send Senator Lugar to a well-earned retirement.

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