The Question Obama Doesn’t Want Us to Ask

It seems to be that if Mitt Romney really wants to win this election, he ought to steal a page from Ronald Reagan’s old playbook and ask the voters, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”,  “Is the country better off?”, “Is our credit higher rated?”, “Are we more secure?”, “Are the numbers for unemployment or gas prices moving in the direction you want?”, that sort of thing. If the election is decided on that basis, then Obama hasn’t got a chance.

Obama knows this, of course, so he and his friends in the mainstream media will be doing their best to make sure that question isn’t asked. They will be trying as hard as they can to distract us and divide us. Indeed, they are already doing so, but it will get worse. Expect to hear more complaints against the evil 1% or millionaires and billionaires who don’t pay their fair share. I don’t imagine Obama himself will do so, but the media will be happy to attack Romney’s Mormon religion as something weird and strange. Remember, bigotry is acceptable, as long as it is practiced by the tolerant progressives.

Personally, I find Mormonism to be a strange and even silly religion, what with its God from the planet Kolob, its secret temple ceremonies, and magic underwear. Still, whatever my disagreements with Mormon theology, I am certain that if I visited a Mormon service I would not hear a sermon like this.

So, if anyone in the mainstream media begins to raise questions about Romney’s Mormonism, we might want to ask them why they were so incurious about Obama’s religious background.


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