A Modest Proposal Concerning the Trayvon Martin Murder

I have not been following the Trayvon Martin case or the controversy which has erupted over the last week or so to any great extent. Nevertheless, I would like to make a modest proposal in the interest of preserving the public order. I think that it would be best if anyone who is not directly connected with this case or has personal knowledge of the events would keep their mouths shut and not try to stir things up.This means, please don’t assume that George Zimmerman is a hateful bigot who shot Martin for no reason. Trayvon Martin was not a little kid. He was 17 years old and about the same size as Zimmerman. Zimmerman could well have believed he was acting in self-defense. That is for the courts to decide. As it is, the media frenzy over this issue may well make it impossible for him to get a fair trial anywhere in the country.

This also means not digging up dirt on Trayvon Martin. I don’t imagine that he was perfect. No doubt he was involved in all of the follies of youth. None of this is particularly relevant. It would also be nice if race hustling scoundrels wouldn’t try to make this tragedy into some sort of metaphor for race relations in America or use this to make political points, use twitter to promote vigilantism, blame the hoodie, or any other such foolish comments. Just keep quiet if you don’t know what you are talking about.

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