Hollywood Hypocrites

Hollywood Hypocrites is a sequel of sorts to Jason Mattera’s first book Obama Zombies. In Obama Zombies, Mattera demonstrated how legions of young brain-dead zombies elected the most unqualified candidate to the presidency in living memory.

In Hollywood Hypocrites, Mattera attacks the industry most responsible for creating those legions of zombies, the entertainment industry. He attacks those politically active actors, directors, musicians, and even politicians who wag their fingers at us and preach how we should change our lives and become more socially conscious while refusing to practice what they preach.

Mattera is witty, illuminating and entertaining is this book and it is a quick and fun read. I cannot help, however, feeling a certain sense of disappointment after finishing it. For one thing, this book is not long enough. Hollywood Hypocrites is only 256 pages long, which is not nearly long enough. To fully catalogue the whole spectrum of hypocrisy found in Hollywood and elsewhere among the Left would require a work as long as the Encyclopedia Britannica in print. Mattera barely scratches the surface.

I also can’t help but feel that Mattera doesn’t really have anything new to say. While some of the stories he relates are new, anyone who has paid attention to the entertainment industry should already know that the great majority of its members are morally depraved, intellectually vapid, hypocrites. One has only to pick up a supermarket tabloid to realize that the stars are no role models, either in their personal lives, or in politics, or morals, or anything else imaginable. Mattera is only covering ground others have covered and while I enjoyed this work, I hope he will blaze a new trail in his next book.

100% Tax Rate

I’ve been paying attention to American politics but they are having an election over in France too. French President Nicholas Sarkozy is facing a tough fight for reelection against Socialist Francois Hollande. Rising in the polls in the more radical leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon, who has some interesting ideas.I should let The Guardian explain.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the hard left, anti-capitalist firebrand who is rising in the presidential election polls, is all over the French papers – billed as the great surprise, main event and key revelation of the campaign.

With crowds spilling into the street at his packed rally in Lille this week, and tens of thousands recently flocking to the Bastille to hear him call for a “civic insurrection”, Mélenchon has been credited with 14% in the polls by BVA.

His numbers have catapulted him into the realms of becoming a possible “third man” in the first round vote on 22 April.

His ideas include capping maximum fat cat salaries at €360,000 (£300,000), after which income tax would be set at 100%.

I almost wish he would win. It would be very interesting to see what happens to the French economy if he did manage to set the highest income tax rate at 100% and I think it would be a lesson for anyone else who thinks high taxes are a good idea. I don’t imagine even the French are foolish enough to support that.