Computer Down

My computer crashed last Friday. I took it in to be fixed Saturday and by Tuesday, they told me the hard drive was completely dead so I had to buy a new computer. Luckily, I happened to back almost everything up about a week before this happened. Right now I am busy reinstalling all of my software and trying to find all of my bookmarks, etc.


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6 Responses to “Computer Down”

  1. Justin Hoffer Says:

    Buy a whole new computer because of a hard drive crash? All you need is a new hard drive.

  2. David Hoffman Says:

    No, the computer itself was getting old and not working too well.This was actually the second time the hard drive crashed and the people I took it to said I might as well get a new computer.

  3. Justin Hoffer Says:

    What’s your definition of old? It was 5 or 6 years before I began replacing parts in the computer I’m currently running.

    • David Hoffman Says:

      I had it for about three years. The battery needed to be replaced as it would only hold a charge for about 20 minutes and the power cord no longer worked so I had to buy a general laptop cord about a year ago. The keyboard was also starting to go. It also kept freezing, which meant I should have had it looked at before the hard drive completely failed. I would have preferred not to buy a new one but it wouldn’t have cost that much less to repair the old.

  4. Justin Hoffer Says:

    You’ve gone through every reason why I don’t like laptops. 😛

  5. David Hoffman Says:

    Yes, it is hard to replace parts for them. I was actually able to replace parts when I had a desktop. But I like the portability and the lack of wires going everywhere.

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