Fools Rush In

Where angels fear to tread. C. S. Lewis always acknowledged that his Screwtape Letters presented a lopsided picture of human life that ought to have been balanced by letters from an archangel to a guardian angel. Yet, he felt himself unable to write such a balancing book. As Lewis put it,

 But who could supply the deficiency? Even if a man-and he would have to be a far better man than I- could scale the spiritual heights required, what “answerable style” could he use? For the style would really be part of the content. Mere advice would be no good; every sentence would have to smell of Heaven.

Jim Peschke might perhaps be thought a fool for trying what a master like Lewis feared to attempt. He suffers from at least two disadvantages that should make a book like The Michael Letters a failure. First, Peschke, by his own admission, does not have the satirical wit of Lewis and is only a novice writer. Second, human nature being what it is, is more attracted to the darkness than to the light, and so the diabolical is inherently more interesting than the angelic.  Despite these disadvantages, The Michael Letters succeeds beyond all expectations. The correspondence between the guardian angel and the archangel holds the attention of the reader and the story moves along briskly. If this book does not quite come up to the level of The Screwtape Letters, it more than satisfies.

There are, of course, fundamental differences in the two works. The angels, unlike the demons are genuinely interested in the welfare of the human in their charge. Peschke shows this by giving the human a name and including details of his everyday life. Screwtape and Wormwood did not care about any such details. Their “patient” was simply food to them. The whole flavor of the correspondence is entirely the opposite. Unlike the demons who hate and mistrust each other, the angels willingly help and encourage their fellows. These and other differences make The Michael Letters a fitting counterbalance to The Screwtape Letters.


The Truth Team

I am not sure how it happened, but somehow I have managed to sign up for the Truth Team.

David —

Welcome to the Truth Team tipsheet. You signed up to be part of the team that fights back, and there’s no time to waste.

This is the first of regular updates we’ll be sending with actions you can take immediately to help support the President — to debunk false attacks and make sure folks hear about what we’ve accomplished.

Here’s how it works: We’ll round up the best of our posts and turn them into short items, with Facebook and Twitter buttons after each so you can instantly share them with friends and family as you go down the list.

Read through this week’s news, then do something about it:


Every day from now until November, there will be misleading news stories, attacks, and flat-out lies about the President’s record. It’s our job set to them straight — and nothing works better than the truth, backed by sound sources.

Fight back by spreading the word today.

Until next time,


I would have thought these people would have learned their lesson with attackwatch. Of course this time they are not asking people to snitch on “attackers”. You are just supposed to repeat the Obama campaign’s talking points to all your friends. I think I can do that.

Zombie at PJ Media has a humorous take on this, The Truth Team Comics. He should be careful though. Jack Chick is not amused by people who use his comics for parodies.



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