Contraceptive Fund Raising

It didn’t take long for the Democrats to exploit Obama’s missteps on requiring Catholic institutions to provide employees with contraceptives. Just this week I received two e-mails on this issue. Here is the first.

This is just unconscionable: Republicans in Congress are trying to make it legal for ANY employer to deny birth control coverage to their employees.

Yes, you read that right. Republicans are on track to give corporations the power to deny women access to health care.

The vote is set for this week — we must act IMMEDIATELY.

We must raise $50,000 by midnight tonight to get activists mobilized and ads up and running in Republican districts about this atrocious assault on women’s health care.

Will you contribute $3 or more right now to our urgent Women’s Health Rapid Response Fund?

We can’t afford to fall short and delay taking action for another day. Women across the country deserve to know that right-wing Republicans intend to take women’s health care back to the dark ages. Please give what you can today.

Because if the government doesn’t provide it, it must be unobtainable.I mean it’s not like people can get birth control on their own.

Here is the other one.

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Republicans are pushing the Blunt Amendment, a radical piece of legislation that would cannibalize health care reform by letting any employer deny any part of your heath care coverage due to “moral convictions.”

David, this goes way beyond taking away birth control coverage. An employer could decide that they couldn’t shell out the money necessary for your expensive cancer treatment because of their “moral convictions,” and you’d be out of luck. Their goal isn’t just to end contraception coverage. Their goal is to implode our entire health care system and strike a deadly blow to President Obama’s historic health care reform.

Republicans are going to try to bring this to a vote as early as today. Before the vote, I need you and 49,999 other people who value health care reform to take a strong stand against the Blunt Amendment.

Republicans are dead wrong on this. Employers should not be allowed to decide what health care you and your family can receive. They’ve been wanting to kill “Obamacare,” and this disgusting amendment would do just that.

Sign the petition, and forward this email on to friends and family who value comprehensive health care. Thanks for your help, and I’ll let you know what happens.

Guy Cecil
Executive Director, DSCC


Why should any employer be required to provide birth control if they don’t want to, regardless of the reasons? Why shouldn’t they be free to provide whatever coverage they want to? If an employee doesn’t like the coverage he is getting, he can go elsewhere. Since when are contraceptives considered health care anyway? They don’t cure any disease or promote good health. (I know that oral contraceptives are sometimes prescribed for medical reasons, but that is another issue.) Why shouldn’t people pay for them out of their own pockets.

The whole idea here is that the government should be able to coerce employers into providing what the government thinks they should. They ought not to have any say in managing their own affairs. In other words, the point of these e-mails is really to persuade the reader to assist them in the project of making other people government serfs with the promise of a share in the loot. Only a great fool would agree to this but unfortunately, as the King said to the Duke in Huckleberry Finn.

Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain’t that a big enough majority in any town?

Or in a country.

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One Response to “Contraceptive Fund Raising”

  1. Justin Hoffer Says:

    Next, they’ll make it illegal not to have health insurance!



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