In ancient Greek mythology, Tantalus was the name of a king of Lydia. He decided to shame the gods by inviting them to dinner and serving his son dismembered, hoping to trick them into cannibalism. The gods were not so easily deceived and they punished him by taking him to Tartarus and placing him in a pool of water. Whenever he would bend down to drink, the water would drain away. There were fruits hanging from branches above him. Whenever he would reach up to pluck one, the branch would move out of his reach. So, Tantalus was condemned to suffer from hunger and thirst with food and drink forever just out of reach.

Mitt Romney must be getting some idea of how Tantalus must have felt. Everytime it looks as if he is finally on the road to clinching the nomination, something happens to take it out of his grasp. Santorum won the contests in Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota, by fairly wide margins. Santorum won 55% of the vote in Missouri, 45% in Minnesota, and 40% in Colorado. Romney was actually in third place in Minnesota, behind Ron Paul.

This is turning out to be the most exciting primary season since, well, since Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama fought it out in 2008. Just when we thought it would be a two man race between Romney and Gingrich, Santorum revives and Gingrich fades. What’s next? A Ron Paul victory?



One thought on “Tantalizing”

  1. I hope Gingrich makes a comeback, but if he doesn’t, I’d rather Santorum win than Romney. I don’t really like Santorum, I think he’s too socially conservative. Still, he’s better than Romney.


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