Dividing China

English: Hu Jintao (born December 1942 ( 1942-...
He's caught on to the plan.

China’s President Hu Jintao is warning his people of the threat of division that Western counties pose to China, especially with our insidious cultural influence.

The West is using cultural means to divide China (PRCH), which needs to be alert to this threat, President Hu Jintao said in a Communist Party magazine.

“International forces are trying to Westernize and divide us by using ideology and culture,” Hu wrote in an article in Qiushi. “We need to realize this and be alert to this danger.”

Many countries, especially Western powers, are attempting to expand their influence through cultural hegemony, and China must deepen and promote its own values of “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” Hu wrote in the article, which was published on the government’s website on Jan 1. China needs to strengthen its cultural values as it faces possible challenges from the West, he said.

Dang. They are onto our plans.

I wonder what brought that on. Maybe the answer is a little further in the article.

Hu’s comments are part of a wider push by the party to reassert its influence over Chinese culture and society, including in television and the arts. China’s leaders are grappling with the best way to manage Twitter-like social-media sites such as Sina Corp (SINA).’s Weibo service that are hard for government censors to control.

The Communist Party’s Central Committee said it will supervise the world’s biggest online community more closely, promote “constructive” websites and punish the spread of “harmful information,” according to a communique from its Oct. 15-18 meeting released by the official Xinhua News Agency.

Members of the party’s Politburo visited web companies after a deadly train crash in July. Internet users criticized the government’s handling of the crash and spread commentary and photos of the accident at odds with the official line.

That explains some of it. It’s that western custom of freedom of speech and actually reporting the news that has him upset. The odd thing is that as China is starting to loosen up, however reluctantly, too many people in our government think that China might be a model to emulate.

2 thoughts on “Dividing China”

  1. I think it’s much deeper than a fear of freedom of information, it’s more the wholesale rampant destruction of China’s heritage at the moment and the loss of traditions and customs too.

    China’s modernisation needs careful management, or it may find itself looking like modern post-USSR Russia and that’s a model no-one here wants to emulate.


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