FDR Warned about Pearl Harbor

This report from Yahoo News tells of a new book  by Craig Shirley, December 1941: 31 Days that Changed America and Saved the World in which he writes that FDR actually had information that the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbor. No, this doesn’t mean that Roosevelt knew it would happen. Just as our intelligence personnel did not connect the dots prior to 9/11, so Roosevelt’s intelligence people did not sift through the information they had acquired.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and it would be easy to fault Roosevelt for not seeing what to us seems obvious, that Japan was getting ready to attack. Of course he did not have the advantage of knowing what we now know. Still I think it is amazing that everyone in the Roosevelt administration consistently underestimated the Japanese and didn’t consider the possibility of a sneak attack. After all, the Japanese had begun both the Russo-Japanese War and the Sino-Japanese War in just that way. I suppose that racism played a part. They just didn’t consider that Asians of any sort could be a real threat


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