God Help the Supercommittee

I am not sure what to think of this.

With the congressional supercommittee tackling the federal debt crisis apparently gridlocked, Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black on Thursday tapped a higher power.

Opening the chamber’s session in the morning, he asked for God’s blessings on lawmakers, as he usually does — and then asked for the Almighty to shed some providential wisdom particularly on the 12 members of the committee struggling to lower the future debt increases by $1.5 trillion.

“Eradicate false ambition as you make them content to serve you where they are and as they are. In a special way, guide the supercommittee in its challenging work,” the chaplain said.

If they manage to agree in finding ways to balance the budget it will be a greater miracle than the parting of the Red Sea.

By the way, how is it that the Senate has a paid chaplain but prayer in public schools is forbidden. Maybe someone should let the American Atheists or the Freedom from Religion Foundation know about this obvious violation of church and state.


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3 Responses to “God Help the Supercommittee”

  1. Justin Hoffer Says:

    The parting of the Red Sea is actually a translation error. The proper translation would be ‘the sea of reeds’. Considering the area, it is likely that the place described no longer exists, having dried up centuries ago, or possibly as recently as with the creation of the Suez Canal. While it is still true that the waters parted, it certainly wasn’t the Red Sea that did it. It is also believed that the Hebrews lay in ambush for the Egyptian army, slaughtering it when the waters closed again, unable to move their chariots in the water.

    • David Hoffman Says:

      I actually knew that since there is a footnote in my Bible (the NIV) which says it is the Sea of Reeds. If you read the account in Exodus it really is less dramatic than the Ten Commandments.

  2. Justin Hoffer Says:

    Much less. It is believed that the plagues happened over a period of about two years, which makes more sense and allows G-d the time to make it look potentially natural (the plagues have been explained scientifically at this point), allowing for room to be left for faith. The only thing that was not given on faith in all of Abrahamic history, Jewish or Christian, was the revelation at Mt. Sinai, when hundreds of thousands of Hebrews heard the voice of G-d.

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