Ron Paul is an Idiot

Or at least dangerously naive. According to this article in the Washington Post, Ron Paul believes that we should be trying harder to be friends with Iran and not worry about the very real possibility of their developing nuclear weapons.

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says “offering friendship” to Iran, not sanctions, would be a more fruitful to achieving peace with Tehran.

The Texas congressman says fears about Iran’s nuclear program have been “blown out of proportion.” He says tough penalties are a mistake because, as he says was the case in Iraq, they only hurt the local population and still paved a path to war.

When asked on “Fox News Sunday” what he would do to deter Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions, Paul said “maybe offering friendship to them.”

Paul’s remarks put him at odds with both the Bush and Obama administrations; U.S. policy has relied heavily on sanctions and diplomacy to try to convince Tehran to abandon its atomic program. Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful.

The government of Iran has been effectively at war with us for over 30 years. Remember that seizing a country’s embassy and holding its staff hostage is an act of war. They have undermined us in Iraq and supported terrorists. They have plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, on American soil. They have threatened to destroy Israel. They have  not shown the slightest inclination for a rapprochement with the US.

A nuclear Iran would be dangerous. Even if they could be deterred from launching an attack on Israel, and I am not sure how rational President Ahmadinejad and others in the Iranian government actually are, there would almost certainly be an arms race in the most unstable parts of the world, as the Saudis and others tried to develop their own nukes. If Ron Paul has not consider any of this than he is not qualified to be president.

13 thoughts on “Ron Paul is an Idiot”

  1. Not really a good example. John McCain said the same thing. The reason for doing so was political. Obama humiliated Pakistan and severely weakened the moderate government when he did. John McCain likely would have gone in as well, he just would have given the Pakistanis time to save face.


  2. The Iranian Government HAS NOT been at war with the US since the 70’s – It’s the other way around if you read your history. The CIA’s and MI-5’s over-throwing of the Mohammad Mosaddegh Government in 1959 in favor of the Shah (a Western Puppet) was the first act of war committed against Iran. The Iranians retaliated by kidnapping Americans and holding them hostage and over-turning the Shah of Iran in 1979.

    You idiots, Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon, they don’t have enough oil refining capacity to even go to war and they have plenty of support from Russia and China, they don’t need any stinking nuclear weapons.

    Israel can take care of herself – they have over 300 nukes, why would Iran bomb them? they have no history of attacking an sovereign nation – that’s thousands of years – We can’t can’t say the same of the USA’s short history can we?

    Please don’t call the only peace candidate an idiot – you are the fool for doing so


    1. The attempted overthrow was in 1953 and was more a British reaction to his threats to nationalize the oil industry.
      Seizing an embassy is an act of war.
      You might want to explain to the Iranian government that they don’t need nuclear weapons. They seem to feel they do, and they are working hard to develop them.
      They might not attack Israel, or they might if Ahmadinijad thinks that will usher in the twelfth Imam. In any event a nuclear Iran would be immensely destabilizing in the Persian Gulf, so we really don’t want that to happen. For that matter, we really don’t want Israel to feel they have to nuke Iran.
      I’m sorry, but your candidate’s idea of peace is to play nice and not defend our interests. That is not going to work. He is an idiot and you are a fool for following him.


  3. Armadinijad is on his last legs are President of Iran – the heads of state are claiming they don’t need a President – Then what you war hawks, then what?


    1. I am not a war hawk. I do not want a war with Iran. But what I want doesn’t matter. We cannot allow an unstable regime like Iran’s to acquire nuclear weapons. We have more than enough trouble with Pakistan and North Korea. Your candidate would abdicate his responsibility to defend the US’s national security if he were president. That makes him unqualified for the job.


  4. Hey look, a Paulbot.

    I suppose the fact that the IAEA recently confirmed Iran’s construction of nuclear weapons means nothing to you? Probably not.


  5. Is Iran a poor country? Do they have enough money to purchase some of the black market nuclear weapons that exist? Why would we have to invade Iran if they developed a nuclear weapon. Why would we have to invade them if they are developing a nuclear weapon. Aren’t they alligning themselves with Russia as an ally? What would stop Russia from sharing their nuclear arsenal with Iran?

    Doesn’t North Korea have nuclear weapons? Why aren’t we invading them? Why aren’t we invading every country in the world that has nuclear weapons?

    Do you think that the military industrial complex and international bankers have a stake in people like you being in support of such unrealistic geo-political tinkering?

    What do you think that Iran would do with a nuclear weapon if they had one? Why is it our job to police the world? Isn’t there other countries in that region that have nuclear weapons? Isreal, Pakistan, India are a few that come to mind. Are they all our friends? Why don’t we invade Pakistan…they are not allies of ours.

    You make no sense…where does it end? The only thing that the procurement of nuclear weapons would do for Iran is equal it out among all of the countries that surround it.
    You logic is lacking. Do me a favor and quit being an armchair geo-political strategist, stop drinking the Kool-Aid of the military industrial complex and use your own brain and stop regurgitating mainstream GOP talking points.


    1. I don’t believe that I have advocated invading anybody. I would prefer not to invade Iran. We cannot allow a regime as unstable as Iran’s to have nuclear weapons especially since they have ties to terrorists. We have enough trouble with North Korea and Pakistan. We do not need another country run by crazy people to have nukes.
      You are the one who is making no sense as you don’t seem to realize the trouble that we will be in if Iran managed to develop nuclear weapons. Try to learn a little about these matter before commenting here again.


  6. David…
    Try answering these questions from the previous comment and see if any of your answers make sense.
    There is no bigger threat from Iran having nuclear capabilities than any of the other one camel countries in that region.
    So…Iran attacks…say Isreal. Isreal retalliates…done.
    Iran would be signing a death warrant if they were to use a nuclear weapon on ANYof the surrounding countries.


    1. We don’t want any of the countries in the area to have nuclear weapons. If Iran develops them then the Saudis and others will want them too in order to defend themselves against Iran. Do you really want a nuclear arms race in the most unstable part of the world? Do you want a nuclear war between Israel and Iran that will kill millions? President Ahmadinejad has stated that he will attack Israel. Do you want to take a chance he is just bluffing or that he and the others in the Iranian government are actually rational?
      Sorry, but your candidate Ron Paul is simply not fit to be president because he is either ignorant of foreign policy or just terribly naive.


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