Ron Paul is an Idiot

Or at least dangerously naive. According to this article in the Washington Post, Ron Paul believes that we should be trying harder to be friends with Iran and not worry about the very real possibility of their developing nuclear weapons.

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says “offering friendship” to Iran, not sanctions, would be a more fruitful to achieving peace with Tehran.

The Texas congressman says fears about Iran’s nuclear program have been “blown out of proportion.” He says tough penalties are a mistake because, as he says was the case in Iraq, they only hurt the local population and still paved a path to war.

When asked on “Fox News Sunday” what he would do to deter Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions, Paul said “maybe offering friendship to them.”

Paul’s remarks put him at odds with both the Bush and Obama administrations; U.S. policy has relied heavily on sanctions and diplomacy to try to convince Tehran to abandon its atomic program. Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful.

The government of Iran has been effectively at war with us for over 30 years. Remember that seizing a country’s embassy and holding its staff hostage is an act of war. They have undermined us in Iraq and supported terrorists. They have plotted to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, on American soil. They have threatened to destroy Israel. They have  not shown the slightest inclination for a rapprochement with the US.

A nuclear Iran would be dangerous. Even if they could be deterred from launching an attack on Israel, and I am not sure how rational President Ahmadinejad and others in the Iranian government actually are, there would almost certainly be an arms race in the most unstable parts of the world, as the Saudis and others tried to develop their own nukes. If Ron Paul has not consider any of this than he is not qualified to be president.

I Expect an Apology

In light of the increasing lawlessness and violence coming out of the Occupy movement, I wonder when we can expect an apology from the Democrats and the media who kept worrying about the non-existent lawlessness and violence of the TEA Party.

It would also be nice for me personally to get an apology from my idiot liberal brother who compared the Tea Partiers to Nazis, but that will never happen. He supports the idea of political violence, as long as it is on his side.

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