Man Killed Trying to Steal Power Lines

Maybe you remember safety classes in school in which they told you to never, ever touch a downed power line. Apparently this man didn’t pay attention.

Authorities near Alton in southwestern Illinois are investigating the electrocution of a man whose body was found near snipped electrical power lines investigators believe he was trying to steal.

Madison County Coroner Stephen Nonn says 34-year-old Mark Becker of Granite City was found dead early Friday. Investigators believe he died Thursday night.

Nonn says evidence at the scene suggests that Becker made contact with charged overhead power lines after they had been cut from the utility pole.

The coroner says an investigation by Madison County sheriff’s deputies and interviews with witnesses “failed to reveal any legitimate or lawful activity in which (Becker) would be engaged involving the utility infrastructure.”

Nonn says an autopsy Friday confirmed that Becker was electrocuted.

This sounds like a successful applicant for the coveted Darwin Award.



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