Friends in High Places

Well, it would seem that I am making all kinds of friends in high places. First, Barack Obama invites me to dinner, and now Al Gore is making a personal appeal to me to contribute to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

At no time has Democrats’ progress been more threatened than it is now. Single-minded proponents of a dangerous and extremist agenda are working feverishly to roll back every Democratic gain we’ve ever made.

The Tea Partiers now calling the shots in the Republican Party won’t back away from their radical agenda. And they are also exceedingly well funded by corporate backers, thanks to the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision.

It will take an unshakeable commitment from grassroots Democrats like you to guarantee our progress and to continue to move America forward.

That’s why I am asking for your support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)’s Million Dollar Matching Gift Campaign before their critical Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising reporting deadline on September 30th.

I am making this personal appeal to you because it’s imperative we have a strong FEC filing on September 30th.

Yes, the Tea Partiers certainly do have an extreme radical agenda. Imagine, thinking that the government should live within its means and actually follow the Constitution. I don’t know where they get such wackos.

Well, Al Gore can certainly count on me!


Hey!, there’s more. I just got an e-mail from Harry Reid!

We are locked in a struggle for America’s soul. Our very values are at risk.

Rick Perry calls Social Security a “monstrous lie.” Paul Ryan dreams of ending Medicare forever. And the Republican response to the thought of an uninsured coma patient? Grisly, callous shouting from the audience.

They want to reverse the steps our country took to care for the sick and prevent our parents and grandparents from living in squalor.

Doing so would fundamentally change America. We simply must fight back.

The Republicans want to ride a wave of frustration to win four Senate seats so they can remake America. Unless you contribute to the DSCC’s $662,000 goal before midnight on Sept. 30, we won’t have the resources to stop them in their tracks.

This country could change forever. Don’t wait to fight for the ideals all of us believe in.

Click here to rush $5 or more to the DSCC before midnight on Sept. 30. The Republicans are four seats away from a total congressional takeover, and it’s up to us to raise $662,000 to beat them back.

Everywhere you look, Republicans are assaulting the very idea that we are our brother’s keeper and that all Americans deserve a certain basic dignity.

The Republicans don’t seem to care that our people don’t have jobs. They refuse to lift a finger to get the economy moving again.

The Republicans don’t seem to care that one in four American children live in poverty. They’re too busy lecturing us about the budget deficit they created while defending huge tax giveaways to the big corporations.

Democrats have always been the party that fights for the middle class – and now is no different. If we’re going to stand up to the special interests, the DSCC needs the grassroots to come through in a big way.

The DSCC is counting on grassroots donors for $662,000 before Sept. 30. Let’s make sure we get there.

Click here to rush $5 or more to the DSCC before midnight on Sept. 30. The Republicans are 4 seats away from a total congressional takeover, and it’s up to us to raise $662,000 to beat them back.

I know progress doesn’t always come as quickly as we’d like. But our values will always endure.

Democrats will always be the ones fighting for what’s right for the American people. Republicans will always fight for the super-rich and the big corporations.

Right now, we need you in this fight. Please give whatever you can right away.

Those fiends!. Wanting to balance the budget and not supporting Obama’s latest stimulus boondoggle. Not to mention wanting to keep money in the private sector so that employers might feel confident enough to start hiring again. I’m with you Harry!

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