Obama Kids

Here is a blast from the past

I don’t much care for the part at the end where the children singing praises for Obama are compared to German schoolchildren praising Hitler. Whatever his faults, Obama is not Hitler. Still, there is something creepy and unsettling about children singing the praises of politicians. I thought there was something creepy and unsettling about the whole personality cult that some of Obama’s more fervent supporters were promoting. I don’t know how much Obama himself supported this kind of over-enthusiasm or whether he ever tried to tone it down. I would hope so but maybe he believed the hype himself. This video suggests he did.

I have to wonder if the parents of these children are still so enamored of Obama, or whether the past two years have disenchanted them. I wonder if they are embarrassed by this video. I hope so. If you are looking for a messiah, the last place to look would be in politics.

6 thoughts on “Obama Kids”

  1. Hitler came to power partially because of right-wing propaganda, much like the garbage that comes out of Fox “news.” Right-wing sheep like you who refuse to think for yourself are destroying our country and enabling fascism in America. If you listen to the lyrics, the children are actually singing about America and what we can do to make it better.


    1. The lyrics are:
      We’re gonna spread happiness, We’re gonna spread freedom
      Obama’s gonna change it, Obama’s gonna lead ’em
      We’re gonna change it
      And rearrange it
      We’re gonna change the world.

      Now’s the moment, lift each voice to sing
      Sing with all your heart!
      For our children, for our families
      Nations all joined as one.

      Sing for joy and sing abundant peace
      Courage, justice hope!
      Sing together, hold each precious hand
      Lifting each other up

      Sing for vision, sing for unity
      Lifting our hearts to sing

      Yes we can……

      You can draw your own conclusions, I still think it’s creepy.
      I think that the people who are most likely to enable fascism in America are the ones who organize neighborhood get togethers to sing hymns to their Dear Leader.


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