Apollo Moon Landing

It’s a good thing I check Instapundit everyday. I didn’t realize that today was the anniversary of the first moon landing until Glenn Reynolds reminded his readers. He put in a link to Apollo images from NASA.










One giant leap.

There were indeed giants in those days. Lesser sons of great sires are we.

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2 Responses to “Apollo Moon Landing”

  1. Lochemya David Says:

    Easily mankind’s greatest achievement.

    Ever see the video of Buzz Aldrin punching out a conspiracy theorist?

    Shirt: $20. Jeans: $40. Getting punched in the face by a man who went to the moon and you just called a coward and a liar: Priceless!

  2. David Hoffman Says:

    I had heard that he had done it but I never got around to watching the video.
    I hope that we can better that achievement sometime soon. It’s been 42 years and I don’t like resting on our laurels

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